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Thursday, 04 June 2020
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Moscow should let those left at the Brit embassy feel how absolutely un-important they are, a quite effective and humiliating strategy. After all, soon Small Britain or what’s left of it will be out of the EU and in desperate need for trading partners and allies, while smack in the middle of the western part of Eurasia sits Germany. And Germans – especially their captains of industry - don’t want to commit economic self-mutilation by dumping Russia.
The Russian General Staff has not had a single night of sleep in years due to the huge military buildup on Russia's western borders. As keen students of history they know how Poland occupied Moscow 400 years ago and how Napoleon was shown the door in 1812.
As even some of my best D.C. sources admit, Russia was spurned since 1991. Moscow in the Yeltsin years thought they could join the West as a partner. The talk in D.C. is how naïve they were – as in “they gave us trouble for fifty years and then they imagined that we were going to be their partners!!!”
The goal was “the complete destruction of Russia as a nation and its complete dismemberment”, as one of my sources put it. “They laughed at their drunken fool Yeltsin who nearly gave them everything they wanted, and had no intention of welcoming them into the community of nations. The ultimate goal was to turn it into an agrarian nation and steal their natural resources as it lay defenseless.”
And then came Vlad.
“Now, it is too late for the US to wake up. We have lost the arms race so badly that it is not even a contest.”
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